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Somewhere Between The Moon And You by Tracy Lawrence

Sittin' here in Fort Worth and for what it's worth it might as well be Timbuktu
Girl I'm missing you
The further I go in life the more I realize I'm no closer to that elusive moon
I can't put out your fire cause everywhere I turn there's a memory to burn
Somewhere between the moon and you
I fought the chill of the cold hard truth
That rainbow I've been chasin' left my whole world blue
I lost my dreams somewhere between the moon and you

I still see you smile and it haunts me every mile along this winding road
That I walk alone
They say that time should ease the pain but in my heart a bitter rain still lingers on
Could I have been so wrong
I climbed that ladder thinking' I could never fall until I lost it all
Somewhere between the moon and you...
[ steel ]
That rainbow I was chasin'...

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